Ghost of Bessie Bartlett

Ghost of Bessie Bartlett

In the 1980s, a family bought a home in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The father took photos of the interior of the house, including the basement. When the photos were developed, he was shocked to see the ghostly image of a young girl in a white dress. She seemed to have her hands folded neatly in front of her.
The family decided to investigate the history of their home and discovered that the house was built in the 1870s by Dr. Charles Bartlett and his wife, Margaret. The Bartletts had several young children, including a daughter named Bessie. Dr. Bartlett was a successful dentist, and ran his practice out of the family home. Unfortunately, a typhoid epidemic swept through Parkersburg in 1879, and Bessie, who was around 10 at the time, caught the disease.
Dr. Bartlett was at a loss of what to do. He knew that if anyone found out that Bessie was ill, the home and the family would be quarantined, and his business would be ruined. He also couldn’t bear the thought of sending his daughter away to a hospital, left alone to be cared for by strangers.
In a desperate decision, Dr. Bartlett arranged for the basement of the home to be turned into a hidden sickroom for Bessie. He had hoped the cool air of the basement would help break her fever, and that her recovery would be much swifter if she were cared for by family members.
However, Bessie eventually succumbed to the fever and was found dead in the basement. She was buried in the family plot in Odd Fellows Cemetery, off of Murdoch Avenue in Parkersburg.

Ghost of Old Man Trapped in His Kitchen

Old Man Ghost

This photo was sent to by Elaine from Limerick of what appears to be a ghost.
Limerick has a rich history of sightings of ghosts and spirits across the history, and here is one proof.
Elaine said: “We know our kitchen is haunted, the first resident of this house, an old man is stuck here. We later found out he died of a heart attack in the kitchen.
He is peaceful so we don't mind it, but it's creepy when my toddler points at him when we are trying our best to ignore it. The more attention you pay to it the more active it gets. This is a picture we took a year ago.“

Football Team Scared by a Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl in WindowAbout 15 years ago my football team were on our end of year trip, down the south coast of Sydney Australia, near Woollongong. We were staying in an old farm house, property built in the late 1800's with a large Manor style house with an old stable converted into a bunk house. I had been there the previous year with my brothers team and we had heard a lot of creepy stories about the place and I relayed them to my fellow team mates, and the owners told us a few stories of odd things that had happend. One story that was quite sad was the story of a little girl who had died from a hole in the heart, she had been locked in her room and served dinner threw a latch in the door for fear, that disease what she had was contageous. They said her ghost still haunts the old farm house and the place around it.
Now it was about 9 pm and most of our team were playing around outside the main house, when a young sister of one of the owners let out a chilling scream which grabed all of our attention, and as she was pointing to the upper level window of the house, to our sheer horror a transperent figure of a young girl floated out past the window and then disapeard. The movement of the girl was un-natural for someone of this world. The fear and panic that came over all of us was so intense, it was like everything went slow-motion. Hours later after lots of comforting from the coach and some parents who also saw what we did, some of the guys were still crying and wanted to go home. In total about 25 people saw this and would still swear by it.
This was truely one of the best experiences of my life, scary, but still hard to top what I felt right threw my body to my soul.

By Anonymous

Old Lady in the Window

Old Lady Ghost

This is a photograph that was taken in 2009 by a some construction guys, who were working for a roofing outfit from Tremont, Illinois Koch Construction. One of their workers snapped this photograph with his camera phone. The story goes that they were hired by the new owners of the house. According to them, the lady who lived there, had passed away nearly three months before. They had been working on the house for two days and the house was completely vacant.

Ghostly Hand in Bathroom

Ghost Hand in Bathroom

Peaches Geldof was claimed, a mysterious hand which appeared in a selfie she took belongs to a ghost. She snapped the picture of herself with son Astala in the bathroom of her Kent home. But when she looked at the photo she noticed the ghostly hand by the side of her head and posted it on Instagram saying: “Close up shot of the mystery ghost hand in pic I took of Astala and me in the bath and no that isn’t my hand. One of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot. On April 2014, Peach’s body was found at her home Kent. She was found dead in a spare bedroom surrounded by all the paraphernalia of heroin abuse.

Grey Lady in Carlin How

Grey Lady Ghost

One of the strangest intruders was surely the grey lady who appeared on a photograph taken by Harry Dack in the backyard of his home in Carlin How in 1967. The identity of the lady, who appears to be looking at Harry`s grandson Neil and his Jack Russel pet Kelly, has never been solved.